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Vasu Gopu

Photographer, Educator, Founder

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Hi, my name is Vasu Gopu an educator and mentor currently working in a reputed photography institution in Hyderabad, India and

I am the founder of, a platform for photographers to showcase their work and know about other creative individuals.

As a photographer myself, I understand the value of having a space to share your art. That's why I created GopuPost – to give photographers a place to share their work and get inspired by the talent of others.

I am constantly amazed by the talent and creativity of the photographers in our community, and I am always looking for ways to help them showcase their work and grow as artists. Thank you for visiting GopuPost and I hope you liked the work featured on the website.

The platform provides individual profile page where you can follow other photographers also increase your reach with followers form all over the world.

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