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Fear has many forms - One of them is religion

I was born human,

Religion came into my life before I was born, my parents are Hindus, and their parents are Hindus, That’s how I became Hindu now it is in everyday life.

I won’t be able to take it out of me.

Photo by Vasu Gopu

My religion never told me to hate others, I’m human

But, when did FEAR take over religion I have no idea, When I teenager one of my friends is from another religion and he never fights with the people who are in his religion, and I never understood why? Later I was released after many years it was told to him by his parents, the same as my parents told me that I’m a Hindu.

Photo by Vasu Gopu

I may fail in exams, GOD please help me to pass the exams, but god never helped me because god know that I was not studying before the exams and expected him to do all the magic. In my childhood, I spent a lot of time in the temple whenever some festival happens at that time I never felt god. I liked the environment, the joyfulness around me there may that the reason.

People fear god because they might have done something wrong and they know it.

Photo by Vasu Gopu

After fewer years, visit a temple with a pure heart, and start questioning everything around me. Slowly I was able to get answers and reasons not to do what people say.

Now I won’t go to the temple only If my mother asks me to.

I fear something or everything may go wrong without knowing I take GOD’s name.

That's how I got to know we live in FEAR.

GOD exists for humans because humans believe in GOD.


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