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Expressive Dasara Festival at Kulasekharapatnam

Kulasekharapatnam or Kulasai, is a remote coastal town in Tuticorin district in Tamilnadu. South India. Sri Mutharamman temple is located at Kulasekharapatnam village near Thiruchendur 55 km south of Thoothukudi (Tamil Nadu, India). The Nearest Airport is Tuticorin which is connected to Chennai Airport. Tuticorin, known officially as Thoothukudi, used to operate as a minor port for pearl fishing and trading with neighboring Sri Lanka. A 300-year-old Mutharamman Temple resides in the town where a massive Dasara celebration takes place every year. This festival is very unique from every perspective starting from devotees’ costumes, face painting, expressions & extreme devotion from the devotees which makes a great cultural atmosphere during Dasara days.

As per the tradition of this temple, devotees are inspired to transform themselves into Goddess Kali, kings, monkeys, and beggars, and have to beg in the streets of the town. Their collected money is then submitted as an offering to Sri Mutharamman Goddess. Transformation to different looks is very much unique & powerful, especially the looks of Goddess Kali as per Hindu Mythology. Devotees carry big fire pots on their hands as a part of the ritual, directly giving burning camphor on their heads & tongues during this Transformational Journey. Catching the moments of these powerful expressions towards their almighty is different from any other Dasara celebration of India and difficult to freeze the frame.

More than 1.5 million people gather here year after year on the tenth day of Navaratri, called Dasara, which generally falls during October Month as per the Calendar. This day is also considered a most auspicious day in the localities to start any kind of new venture. The photo series consisting different moods, expressions, and emotions of the devotees while observing the Dasara Festival at Sri Mutharamman temple. Watching this Dasara Festival from an artist's point of view is very unique and to remember for a long time.

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