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I Photographed A Woman Flower Who Flourished Together With Years

One day I got a wonderful message from a woman. Then I did not know what destiny was sending me. The real gift I would say, even with a ribbon. Until then, I already had the idea of a new photo session and I was waiting for a lot of necessary things from abroad. I just wanted a woman with a story, but I did not hurry. I did not need to look for her when Edita wrote me on that day and told her story.

Edita Ismailova (28m) is a woman with scars. In her life, she had to learn to live in Lithuania while being different. Let’s face it, we are not very tolerant of different people and if we go back a few decades ago it would be even harder. It would seem that this would be enough, but Edita, after an accident in her childhood, walked in the course of her life with scars on her body. Flawed woman? We are worried about a larger abdomen or acne on the face. We can only imagine what persistent gazes mean. But it only strengthened her and now she would not even want to remove her scars!

Creative team: Figos

Idea, photos: Rasa Dautartaitė / Make up: Liveta Cirtautaitė / Dovivi.Bra – wear with confidence

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