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"Momentum - A Decade of Surf Photography" - India’s only Surf Photographer

It’s undoubtedly a very long journey for a photographer like Mr. Ram Mohan. He is a great inspiration to the upcoming photographers, He shows us a way to see a difficult path in easier sight being a passionate surfer he turned his passion into photography, and captured the surfing to show it to the world. He was inspired by offbeat landscapes, Oceans, and extreme adventures.

Being India's only surf photographer he succeeds to make us believe no matter what we choose to make a way out of it. , unlike foreign countries, India is not very open to action sports.

Ram Mohan's work got published in more than 30 nation international publications around the world. - Admin

Word by Ram Mohan Paranjape:

"Momentum - A Decade of Surf Photography" was my first photo exhibition presented by my good friend and CMD of TT Group Mr. Arun Vasu. People who know me and who have been following my work know how passionate I am about surfing and photography over the years and how I have created a niche in surf photography by being India's one and only surf photographer documenting the surf scene for over a decade now.

This photo exhibition was only possible due to Mr. Arun Vasu who took the initiative and encouraged me to hold this photo exhibition to showcase my decade-long surf photography, surf exploration, and travels to far-flung corners of the Indian sub-continent in search of perfect waves.

The two-day long photo exhibition happened at Amethyst, Chennai with acclaimed director Gautam Menon inaugurating it on the first day of the show with a lot of good friends from the surfing and photography community who had gathered for the inauguration. The photo exhibition was amazingly curated by Divya Pandurangam from Surf Turf who did a fantastic job of bringing that amazing surf vibe to the photo exhibit. It was an amazing feeling to have my parents come over for my photo exhibition and appreciate my work as well. The highlight of the exhibition for me was interacting with a lot of photography enthusiasts and students who had lots of questions.

Overall, I was very overwhelmed with the terrific response I got for my first photo exhibition which has inspired me to take even better pictures and continue chasing more adventures. This wouldn't have been possible without a lot of people supporting me over the years especially Surfing Swami who introduced me to photography and taught me the basics. He always believed that I had the talent and said I could achieve a lot in the field of photography.

I hope to take Momentum to a few more cities this year! See you there

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