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Photographer Von Wong turned waste into stunning photographs, Looking like outer space.

E-waste is the most rapidly growing problem in the world. We generate about 40 million tons of electronic waste every year. This is equivalent to throwing out 800 laptops every single second.

It's important that humans need to think and work towards controlling it. We all are very close to disaster yet to come, the signs of global warming give us the warning to face unimaginable damage to the world and the human race.

Let us not forget the animals are the first to suffer, which is happening now while you are reading this.

Let's do a bit to make this world safe and a better place for us and future generations.

Bringing awareness is very important in society. The photographer Benjamin Von Wong has done a shoot to bring awareness to Computer waste.

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Benjamin Von Wong is notorious for documenting his intrepid adventures and epic photography. His hyper-realistic art style captures the hearts and minds of viewers in a fusion of special effects and innovative concepts specifically designed to go viral and drive the conversation. Benjamin's background in engineering gives him a unique edge for creative problem solving, where technical challenges become friendly competition. Fueled by his passion to connect with people, he has an affinity for sharing engaging stories in novel ways. He is currently focused on conservation and social impact projects.

The Shoot he has done on Computer waste is inspirational


Behind the scenes, great effort went into creating stunning photographs.

Von Wong not only photographs he also conceptualizes, design, and create them. He is one of the top best Conceptual photographers in the world.

After all, how does Von Wong convince people that recycling e-waste can be cool?

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