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Faceless by Ashok Verma

Any work of art is it paintings, drawings, poetry, stories or photographs is nothing but just a reflection and experience of the life that the artist has gone through.

No matter how hard one tries to hide them from showing it in their work but they can’t remain hidden.

It's this first-hand experience that we all have lived through that makes our work so exclusive and different from others as no two lives on this earth are similar.

The series of these images are nothing but a reflection of my life from my past which left a deep impact on my mind and heart and transformed me into the personality which I carry now at this moment of time.

I have those faded memories still in my head where it was very dark and unclear what my eyes were seeing and experiencing, I remember human shapes moving but the faces were not clear, I was scared at times and closed my eyes too. It happened very often. I was very small and what I saw and whom I saw was so confusing for me to understand for what was happening. All I knew for sure was that it was not meant for me to see that at all.

It's my destiny, bad luck or whatever it's called that I saw it all and it all was engraved in my head for ages to come. I grew up with those engraved visuals in my head with deep confusion and with the same characters around me always for years and years reminding me of those events and not letting me forget them ever.

In this series too the images are dark mostly and they are shot in black and white like the way I saw what I saw a long long time back. I cover the faces as I know that I often want to run from what I saw and I know I can’t see the things that I saw face to face.

The fear to face and see those faces reveal their identity always generates shivers in my body as I know who they were and I want to lie to my mind telling it always that I didn’t see their faces.

I know the story in those visuals which got stamped in my head like the stories in these visuals is also so clean and clear with that confusion always lingering with the faceless people shot by me from our daily life.

I never planned this series and it happened on its own. These all images are shot over a period of almost a year and a half with no intention of showing what I went through.

It was now when I saw a uniform pattern in the style I was shooting in at this moment of time and how all these images had so many things in common and how they were all different but so interconnected to each other.

I realize now that no matter what you do or how you do it, the past will surely reflect in the work you execute. All work of art is nothing but a connection to what you have gone through in your life. We gather it from our past consciously or unconsciously.

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