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Parallel Souls

While on my journey as a street photographer when my eyes, heart and mind became the sensor of my camera to capture beyond what the eye can see heart can feel and mind can understand, I met PARALLEL SOULS.

In this series of images, I try to bring out the souls that crossed my camera.

I experienced souls in living things and nonliving things around me.

Every time I was on street with my camera I was hearing voices and some invisible eyes piercing and trying to reach me. Over a period of time, I realized that these invisible souls which were always struggling to reach me were always there in some form sending me messages to connect to me.

All this while I was trying to find the souls in the living things called humans and I got connected to these nonliving things around me which every one of us has always seen but have often/always ignored them thinking them as lifeless, dead, and useless objects with no souls in them.

This series of visuals showcase my realization and is an effort to portray as how two parallel souls one living and one nonliving or so-called dead live beside each other.

I become a medium here to capture that decisive moment when these two souls come in an alignment at a particular time and moment, when they try to talk to each other and when their interaction reaches the peak when their souls match the same frequency when they compliment each other when they become interconnected and interwoven and when the living thing becomes dead and a nonliving soul gets life when two separate worlds and souls become one, I see the story complete and freeze that special fraction of time where I witness this beautiful amalgamation of PARALLEL SOULS.

I feel them, I see them, I love them and I shoot them.

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