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What is a color wheel? How it affects each color.

Art & Science work together to influence what color looks better together. Isaac Newton 1666 invented the color wheel, to circle the color spectrum.

When you make the right colors together it's called harmony, to get the look and feel of their works artists use it. The color wheel helps to find color harmony with the help of color combination.

Color combination controls the color position of different colors to make a pleasing effect possibly.

There are types of color wheels, which are like RYB or Red, Yellow and Blue colors are very much used by artists, there is another color wheel which is RGB or Red, Green, and the Blue color wheel is used for online purposes like on computer or TV in the software like photoshop, etc. or other editing software.

Important color wheels based on the color theory works are Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary colors.

Primary Color

Primary Colors are RGB / RYB colors considered basic colors, which can't be recreated by mixing colors, Existing and traditional arts accepts the RYB as the primary color.

RYB is used by Artists such as paintings etc.

RGB is used for Digital purposes such as photoshop and many more editing software purposes.

Primary Colors
Secondary Color

When you mix the perfect two colors of primary color you will get Secondary color, When you see the color wheel you will find secondary colors in between the primary colors. the red color and yellow colors make orange, red and blue make the purple/violet color, and blue and yellow make the green color.

Secondary Colors
Tertiary Colors

The Tertiary colors are also known as Intermediate colors, due to their compound nature.

Red Violet, Blue, and Violet, Blue and Green, Yellow and Green, Yellow and Orange, and Red and Orange are formed by mixing a primary with a secondary.

Tertiary colors come between Primary and secondary colors on the color wheel.

Color Wheel
Warm and Cool Colors

The color wheel can also be divided into cool and warm colors. In the color wheel, the warmest and coolest color can also be known as color temperature. you get to see a balance of warm and cool colors on the color wheel with the color combinations.

The color wheel can also be divided into warm and cool colors. The warmth or coolness of color is also known as its color temperature. The color combinations found on a color wheel often have a balance of warm and cool colors. According to color psychology, different color temperatures evoke different feelings. For example, warm colors bring coziness and energy to mind, while cool colors are associated with serenity and isolation.

Warm colors are colors from red to yellow. These colors are said to bring to mind warmth, like the sun.

Cool colors are colors from blue to green and purple. These colors are said to bring to mind coolness, like water.


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